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Yamaguchi Framebuilding History

Yamaguchi Framebuilding History

Koichi Yamaguchi checking frame alignment. Picture taken in the early stages of Yamaguchi Framebuilding era.
  1. 1975 - 1981
    • Chief Frame Builder 3 RENSHO. Built frames for Japanese Professional Keirin riders
    • Built for Koichi Nakano (10 time Pro Sprint World Champion) and France Look Team Steve Bauer
    • Japan AMA/PRO Federation National Mechanic
  2. 1984 - 1987
    • Nakamura Bicycles Research & Development Department.; Team Nakamura Director Sportif and Mechanic
  3. 1987 - 1988
    • Chief Frame Builder and Mechanic for Proteus Design (Maryland)
  4. 1988 - 1991
    Yamaguchi poses with Mike Milton
    Yamaguchi posing with Mike Melton
    • Full time Assistant to US National Team Manager (Bill Woodul) USCF at Colorado Springs, CO
  5. 1988 - 1992
    • US National Team Mechanic USCF; Cat 1
  6. 1988 - 1989
    • Founded Yamaguchi Bicycles, Inc
    • Work with Huffy Corp. (Mike Melton) Olympic Bike Mechanic at Colorado Springs, CO
    • Designed and Built Team Time Trial Frame for John Stenner (3rd in FinalStage of Tour de Trump).
    • Baltic Sea Stage Race Mechanic at Finland-U.S.S.R.
    • World Championship Mechanic at Lyon France . Jr. World Championship Mechanic at Moscow U.S.S.R.
  7. 1990
    • Work with Ben Serotta (Serotta Storts)Designed & Built US National Team and USSR National Team frames
    • US National Team Mechanic at Tour de Texas
    • US National Team Mechanic at Tour de Trump
    • World Championship Mechanic at Japan
    • Designed & Built World Championship US National Team Tandem frame
    • Designed & Built Finland National Team kilo frame
  8. 1991
    • Contract with Performance/USCF to build all US National Team frames
    • Designed US National Team Tube sets at True Temper Research & Development
    • World Championship Mechanic at Stuttgart Germany
  9. 1992
    • Contract with Performance/USCF and USOC to build all US Olympic Team frames
    • Designed & Built Finland Olympic Team kilo frame
    • Erin Hartwell Olympic Bronze 1k:1st medal ever for the US in Olympic 1k at Barcelona Spain
    • Olympic Team Mechanic at Barcelona Spain
    • Designed and Built Mike McCarthy pursuit frame Professional World Champion 1992 at Valencia Spain
    • Designed & built US Women's Team Time Trial frames World Champions 92 (1st medal ever for the US}
    • World Championship Mechanic at Valencia Spain
    • US Team Maneger/Mechanic at Japan International Road Race
  10. 1993
    • Designed & built Rebecca Twigg's Aero Stem {World Record Pursuit}
    • Designed & built Team EDS bikes
    • Masters Nationals Track Mechanic at Colorado Springs
  11. 1994
    • Designed & built Steve Hegg's World Championship (Hammer, Norway) Point Race frame
    • UCI World Cup Track Final Mechanic at Colorado Springs
  12. 1995
    • Pre Olympic Mechanic at Colorado Springs
  13. 1994 - 1999
    • Designed & built Electromagnetic training machines for USOC Sports Science and also for U.S. Sprint program
  14. 2000
    • Designed, built & partially sponsored ParaOlympic Team of Al Whaley and Pam Fernandes tandem Gold and World Record 1 kilometer Time Trial. Silver in Sprint.
  15. 2001~
    • Opened the Yamaguchi Bicycles Framebuilding School

Yamaguchi Bicycles, Inc.

  • P.O. Box 25 Rifle, CO 81650.